Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Recruitment Strategies

The job market business is helping the hi-tech industries,recruitement consulting or human resource professionals are place important role in hiring a perfect candiadate for an organization.and it depends on the permormance of a requirment functions.A sucessful recruitment stratergy should depends on well planned and practile approch to hiring talented candidate for an organization.

The type of compnaies conult the hiring service, they were not only conducting human resource and also personal staff to advertise for position, conducting interivew for job aplicant and setup appointment with management,this human resource consultant also called outsourceing consultents.Every hiring services follows recruiting strategies which adhere to its rules, regulations and culture.

Stages of Recruitment service:

Job Description : This is firest steps of sucessful recruitment service, Here we need to understand the job requirment, like skill and responsibality for reqired position as HR prospective,unless HR himself does not have awareness on these job description, it is hard for him to recruit right candidate.

plan a strategy

After job description anlaysis, you may actually looking for qualified candidate for the position
you need to formulate recruiting strategy will allow you to reach job applicant,Job sites, News paper,billboard,and reference of the current employees are some of the common ways of inviting applications,you can choose the convenient strategy.

Maintain a checklist & scan application
checklist will helps to maintain the recruiting effort and progress,it will keep recruiting effort on tracking the strategyand second thing is to scan the appplicant, accoriding to job requirment you should scan each applicant carefully according to functional requirment

prescaning and interview shedule:
The idea of prescreen interview is to check for appropriate candidate, Useally candidate appearing good in paper but may not appealing personally.Prescanning saves a lot of time forselection committee.The candidate who passthe prescanning interview eligible for face to face interivew.In recruitment process interview is a crusial part, where employer meet the potential employee to personally.Here Employees can ask right qustions to candidate and fairly evaluate his replies.
By this way recruiter can select right candidate among average one.

Background verification and job offer:
After Successful completion of interview a candidate, before making job offer to him, it is important to verify the candidate by background verification. it ensure that candidate provided his credentials with integrity.

And finally making formal job offer to the candidate selected for the concern position with verbally negotiated terms and conditions are defined in the offer letter. is the final step of recruitment strategy.

Make a Job Offer
Making a formal job offer to the candidate selected for the concerned position is the final step of the recruitment strategy. The verbally negotiated terms and conditions are defined in the offer letter.


The various parameters and the ways to judge them i.e. the entire recruitment process should be planned in advance. Like the rounds of technical interviews, HR interviews, written tests, psychometric tests etc.

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