Monday, August 12, 2019

How To Find The Right Culture Fit For Your Organization

Hiring the apt candidate is like fishing out a pearl from the ocean. You have the task of choosing that one candidate who suits the culture of the organization perfectly in comparison to all others. But, finding that one isn’t a cakewalk. Asking smart questions and candidates answering them smartly is not that difficult unless the questions revolve around finding a misfit for the organization.
Even the meaning of culture fit is at times conveniently interpreted as in someone who has the same background as others in the organization. This kind of approach could leave scope for the inclination to a particular candidate during the assessment.
At times, with an objective of asking appropriate questions the recruiters, try to dig on the internet for popular questions around the topic. Even though these questions are good to ask, they apparently don’t get you near to the answers rather information you want to know about the particular candidate.  
To pick the right fit for the candidate, you need to identify if the candidates do have the values that your company also believes in and how they can blend it into the work they are going to do in your organization. Hence, taking help of internet would not help. To ask relevant questions that help you pick the right candidate for your the organization, you have to understand not only the values of your company and try to rephrase the questions for the candidate in order to get answers that help. Also, another point that you need to take into account is that at times candidates are not able to use the proper words or phrases to convey what they feel exactly.
Ask them questions about problem-solving done by them for the organization they have been working with or have worked with and how they instilled their values into their work habits. It’s apparently not just about the relevant qualification of the candidate and even if you have a team from various departments to pop questions around the culture it is absolutely alright.
Well, today most recruiters do consider culture fit as a vital criteria for hiring a candidate and that it only adds-on towards adding the most desirable and valuable asset to the organization.

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