Tuesday, March 11, 2014

3 most valuable contributions of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

An RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing Provider is a third party resource which handles all the HR activities for the company. Smart or dumb, Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the call of the day.
Now-a-days companies rely on third party service providers who expertise in Recruitment Process Outsourcing. The internal hiring, training, selection process as well as the induction formalities are all handled by the RPO agency. To derive maximum benefits of such a strategy it is essential to understand the nuances of the game.

The various culminating factors are-
  • ·         Increase in productivity issues
  • ·         More saving in time and money
  • ·         Narrowing the gap between the contractor and the company

Productive task force is the primary benefit of the RPO. As more and more RPOs come into existence, we can safely come up with a more target-oriented workforce. Time cuts are another benchmark when it comes to using RPOs for hiring of new recruits. Also cost cuts can be brought about because there will not be any need to assign newer jobs to present employees. So RPO helps to propel the business forward.
The service provider and the outsourcing company can be expected to bridge the gap between them so as to maximize the profit margins for both of them.

When it comes to Indian Recruitment consultancies, hype for RPO services are pretty high. Cities like Pune, Bangalore,. Noida and Gurgaon are leading, when it comes to providing RPO services. You can see many Services providers in Bangalore too. If you are looking for a best RPO consultant Bangalore, then you can find countless service providers by a simple Google search.

So to conclude, high quality workforce can be attained by the use of Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Marketing Coordinator - FEMALE

Job ID
IN/CL/Marketing Coordinator - FEMALE/431
No. of Openings
Best in the Industry

  • Marketing Coordinator Job Purpose: Markets products by developing and implementing marketing and advertising campaigns; tracking sales data; maintaining promotional materials inventory; planning meetings and trade shows; maintaining databases; preparing reports.

    Marketing Coordinator Job Resposibilities:
  • Develop and implement marketing plans
  • Develop in-house communication material
    • Interact with agencies to coordinate various above the level and below the level activities
  • Organize and participate in various trade shows and other industry related events to increase sales
  • Maintain market intelligence reports.
    Skills/Qualifications: MBA in marketing with 2to 3 years experience in sales or trade marketing in any section. Excellent communication & interpersonal skills. Should have worked with real estate company in Bangalore
Key Responsibilities

  • "Direct Marketing", "Market Segmentation", "Marketing Research", "Reporting Research", "Planning tradeshows", "campaign", "campaigns", advertising, advertisement

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The pros and cons of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is here to come.

Recruitment proves to be a tenacious task when it comes to small and medium sized businesses. The reason for this, being recruitment requires large scale efforts in terms of money and man-power. So recruitment is now-a-days outsourced to organizations which specialize in recruitment processes. These RPO firms serve to hire the right candidate at the right package.

The RPO providers ease the work of the HR department of organizations which usually is involved in taking care of the internal corporate relations. RPOs go through heaps of resumes, schedule interviews of shortlisted candidates and perform the joining formalities as well as the induction programs.

The various opportunities which work well with the RPOs are-
Economies of Scale
Economies of Scope
Variable Cost

As the scale of recruitment in RPO organizations is markedly larger as compared to the HR department of small and medium sized businesses, the costs of recruitment in an RPO is low. The scope of recruitment is also high as compared to the internal HR department. The fixed costs of recruitment is claimed to have changed to variable costs due to the quality and volume of recruitment handled by RPOs.

The various challenges faced by RPOs are communication between the RPO and the sponsoring organization as well as the communication between the candidate and the RPO is a major risk undertaken. Going through the expectations of both sides is a tricky situation. An outside provider may not be able to conform to the specifications of the HR and the right perspective of hiring the candidate. Finding the right candidate is a process which acts on mutual trust which can be easily broken by the RPOs. Some RPOs do cheat on short term gains and so are more involved in scrupulous means.

So in order to provide a cost and time effective solution to end-to-end recruitment, we must give a try to RPO providers.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Requirement for Asst Manager IT Recruitment

Skills Required
  • Candidate should be well experienced in managing recruitment with complete focus on IT Staff augmentation and professional Services
  • Should be capable of Recruit & train the whole team under self
  • Should allocate requirements as per the requirements.
  • Confident enough to achieve self and team target
  • Interacting with GMs/VPs/Functional heads
  • Ensuring proper channel mix and focus on cost cutting through alternate channels of hiring
  • Negotiating / Dealing with recruitment vendors for resume sourcing.
  • Should Participate in the final selection of applicant
  • Capable to conduct interviews effectively and negotiate salary and benefits
  • Participate in implementing new recruiting technology, such as applicant tracking systems and screening tools
  • Ensure the department"s administrative duties and maintain appropriate MIS
  • Involve in Campus hiring where required
  • Manage full candidate life cycle process including Head
  • Hunting/sourcing, Identification / Skill set mapping, Scheduling interviews, Technical screening etc.

Key Responsibilities

Good communication (Both verbal and written)
Must have experience in Staff Augmentation and Vendor Management