Monday, September 17, 2018

All You Need to Know About Turnkey Recruitment Services

Companies, brands, industries and organisations that are a start-up, planning expand their business, launch a new product, division or department or are a M & A practice make use of turnkey recruitment services. These businesses are in dire need of staff in bulk and that too in a limited time span. The hiring service is generally opted to hire middle and higher management levels.  The idea is to utilise the company’s time and resource in the right direction while the Recruitment service provider takes care of the recruitment. A hiring company that offers turnkey recruitment solutions provides 360 degree solutions that include end to end services right from sourcing to on boarding. Turnkey recruitment services have time and resource restrains and hence it’s very important to achieve the mapped targets in time because failing to do so can negatively affect the organisation's long term goals. Therefore, turnkey recruitment service providers even go to the extent of providing initial training and orientation in order to boost the new team’s productivity. 
Turnkey Recruitment Benefits 
Turnkey recruitment service providers can identify top talent in the area with the right expertise and experience and suitability. They can creatively and effectively source as well as recruit the required talent by offering cut to fit services rather than the one size fits all approach. Their benefits include -
  • Ability to recruit at a large scale and at multiple locations
  • Offer flexibility around their services 
  • Eliminate procedures like contractual ones that can burn a hole in the pocket
  • Time, resource and cost saving for the company
  • Big pool or database of candidates
  • Transparency in addressing headcount limitations

Having said that, every company can manage recruitment's on their own but it involves a whole lot of investment in terms of time, resource and money and hassles around the same like advertising, networking, head hunting, interviewing, documentation, training and more. Therefore, having a turnkey recruitment specialist as your extended hiring arm viz. working in partnership with turnkey recruiters based on organisation's needs, structure, work environment and future plans does help streamline the organisations hiring process and save hugely on time, resources and most importantly costs.