Tuesday, October 23, 2018

How Do Tech Giants Like and Tesla Hire - A Few Tips

People are the backbone of any organisation and equal stake holders of its success. Besides, these companies are some of the very few ones that are very particular on getting the best on board is why they have such a thought out and organised hiring process

So let us know about how these giants pick the top tier talents from the sea of applications that flow in to their offices. 

Google is one company that receives a huge influx of over a million applications every year.  It was once known for asking riddles or brainteaser sort of questions to its candidates. They soon learnt that the method wasn’t efficient enough to judge the ability of a candidate. Soon their rectified the method and now use evaluation tests as well as structured interview questions for doing the same. The process for hiring engineers includes involving engineers from different departments in the hiring process so as to include variety of employees besides maintaining high hiring standards. 

Tesla has also joined the league of face book and google recently and is known for its challenging interviews. Though the hiring process is not similar to what tech companies of the silicon-valley generally follow. Many a times their interview rounds include presentation to the hiring team about their previous projects and taking questions from the team followed by one on one interviews pertaining to the role. 

Tesla is known to be quite upfront while hiring and is even to tell the candidates that they need a lot of people who want to be a part of Tesla and hence everyone has to make their point for why Tesla should hire them instead of anyone else. They further add that if they are really up for the challenge they should know that no one can come any near to them if they were hired.  Even though it sounds harsh, TESLA employees do say that their voices and ideas do matter hence their hiring process does make sense. 

Facebook follows a standard but thorough process of hiring though their main focus is diversity in working experience. It is also known for the campus tour it provides to all its candidates just to make them feel comfortable at the vicinity.  First the candidates go through an on call interview with the hiring team and potential team members. Later on there is a series of in person interviews and campus tour. 

They also have a four point scale based internal feedback form for the hiring team. The team is asked to give a yes or no feedback on whether the person should be hired or not and even rate their level of confidence on a four point scale. The can view other team members feedback once submitted. The final decision is around hiring is undertaken by the hiring committee that includes the hiring manager as well as the directors after visiting the reviews of the hiring team and considering factors like compensation and more. 

Choosing the right people can helps an organisation bloom to its fullest and the above mentioned organisations are a befitting example of the same.  Undoubtedly, their efficient hiring process is what works for getting them the best out of the rest. 

*sourced from the Internet