Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Job Openings for Oracle-PLSQL-Unix in Bangalore

  • Excellent expertise with Oracle, PL/SQL & UNIX
  • Skill in applying advanced techniques in the major programming environments
  • Excellent understanding of one or more of the operating systems (Windows, UNIX, MAC OS X)
  • Excellent understanding of RDBMS concepts, SQL
  • Skill in applying advanced techniques in RDBMS : Oracle or SQL Server
  • Ability to acquire new technical skills (Good Learnability)
  • Excellent Programming/Testing skills
  • Ability to plan and execute system testing
  • Good understanding of algorithmic constructs
Key Responsibilities

In Software Development Projects:

  • Understand the Functional requirements
  • Prepare Test Plans
  • Prepare program specifications
  • Develop program
  • Self/Unit Test using Test plan
  • Debug the unit tested programs
  • Independent Unit test of others programs
  • Prepare documentation
  • Assist ML/PL in requirements gathering process
  • Assist ML/PL in analysis of customer requirements
  • Assist ML/PL in design of software systems
  • Acquire business domain knowledge of the application
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