Friday, June 18, 2010

The Importance of a Well-Written Job Description.

It is very important to write effective job description while posting on internet. A job posting without job description will fail to attract qualified applicants. A well written job description can boost employee satisfaction, better inspiration and desire for professional growth.

Understanding the nature of job is essential to write position description. First analyze the people who are into same job profile for better understanding the roles and responsibilities of the position. Properly written job descriptions will include employee input, and regular business changing needs. These will reflect reality of the job roles they describe as closely as possible.

When an applicant is provided a detailed position description, he or she has to analyze the complete description of the job and should aware of roles and responsibilities, expectations and working conditions. Applicant can apply when there is a significant interest in the job requirements which eliminates the probability of experiencing dissatisfaction. This not only increases employee satisfaction, but it promotes a practical and truthful expectation for communication. Major benefit of having detailed job description provides a realistic mode to estimate employee performance with respect to defined work activities and competencies.

Some of basic elements of Job description:

The best things company can do to develop a comprehensive, informative job description, which Results in accurate required job profile.

Job Title

Job Summary


Key area of responsibilities

Education qualification.

Work Activities

Performance Expectations

Compensation and Benefits

Job Competencies

While writing job description fallow some of the terms should be clear and crisp.

1) Job description sentences should be well structured in classic verbs/objects and explanatory phases.

2) Written job description should be present tense.

3) Job description should be in un- biased terminologies like "he/she" approach or construct sentence in such a sentences should not be required

4) If necessary use explanatory phases telling why, how, & how often add meaning and clarity.


A well written job description gives the employer and employ clarity, and focus of job requirement and position. Definite job requirement phase helps the employs work effectively to increase the effectiveness of the organization