Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Inbound and Outbound Recruiting - The Better Way

One of the two major strategies used in recruitment today are inbound and outbound recruitment. There have been debates and speculations on the better of the two as well. They are the buzzwords in recruitment today and before we come to a conclusion on which one is better, let us first understand the difference between the two forms of recruitment. 

To explain the difference in easy and understandable terms, inbound recruiting is about the candidate coming to you for the job while outbound recruitment is about you going out and about to search the candidate. Both have different philosophies and follow different approaches and strategies as well. 

Inbound recruitment – Here in your main objective is to make the candidate aware, then consider you as a potential employer and then get interest of the candidate. For this, inbound recruitment uses the methodology of proactively targeting and attracting the candidate.  Inbound recruitment is more about recruitment marketing which includes awareness, consideration and interest as mentioned before. 

Outbound Recruitment – In outbound recruitment, you only approach the candidate when there is an opening or requirement in the firm and not otherwise. Your objective here is to get the candidate into the stage of applying for the job. Outbound recruitment is out and out direct recruitment that includes applications, selection and hiring. 

So, which one is better? Actually it depends upon your objectives and goals. If you are looking to build your company up as an employer brand and have a long term solution to your recruitment requirements then inbound recruitment is for you.  Outbound recruitment is a temporary or immediate solution comparatively.  Though inbound recruitment is slow process and takes time to show results it does work really well on a long run in terms of getting quality candidates, saving time and cost as well. 

Here’s a simple example to explain the difference. If you are following the inbound recruitment strategy then you show case your employer brand on different communication channels, online and offline. This visibility gets many candidates aware about your company as well. In out bound recruitment, you search for the candidates and then reach out to them when you have a job opening. 

So, if you look at it, it is pretty clear that inbound recruitment is a better idea if you want to establish your company, service or product as a reliable employer brand. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

How To Maintain A Work Life Balance - 5 Simple Tips

Millions of people around the world are already struggling with creating an ideal work life balance. With lifestyle becoming hectic and competitive, mental stress is on the rise. People are spending long hours at work resulting into added stress and anxiety issues cropping up.  A survey carried out in Britain has shown that over two third of the Brits who are working are not happy as they are not able to maintain their work life balance. The survey further mentioned that around 18% of them wanted to spend some time reading while 15% wanted time to watch their favourite TV shows and 14% was looking to pamper themselves. 

1. Learn to Say No when required 
There’s this saying you can eat only as much as you can digest’ and this very same saying holds true with your working schedules. Your body needs rest to and if you load it with work than its capacity, the output is going to be affected adversely for sure. So, there is no point in putting too much load there. Learn to say no or don’t feel ashamed of asking for help with there is loads of work to be done. 

2. Work Smart not hard
Learn to work smart then hard. It’s not difficult the easy way out is to prioritise your work on the basis of importance and time. You may decline the meetings that do not need you to be there. You may further set deadlines to complete your scheduled tasks so that you know where you stand at regular intervals of time. You can plan out the next ones accordingly and complete your work on time. 

3. Be at home when at home
People take their workloads along with them to their home literally as well as mentally. Many of them work from home as well and many think of work when at home causing themselves a lot stress and mental distress. The good idea is to write down your to do list for the next day before leaving office and then going home with an open and relaxed mind. 

4. Give yourself time 
A recent study says that quality me time can better your output as an employee.  Try to give equal importance to your self-care regime, apparently as much as you give to your career. After all it is for your own well-being. Think of it as an exercise of your own mind and body for better output at work or may be the way your vehicle requires maintenance so does your body and mind. 

5. Exercise 
The key to a healthy mind is a healthy body and for a healthy body you need to exercise. So, take out time from your daily chores for a brisk walk or a jog or may be a half and hour session of yoga or exercise. See the difference after a couple of weeks. Your stamina, your health and you yourself as a whole will show a positive change. So take out time from your schedule daily and spend some time revving up your engines.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

How Do Tech Giants Like and Tesla Hire - A Few Tips

People are the backbone of any organisation and equal stake holders of its success. Besides, these companies are some of the very few ones that are very particular on getting the best on board is why they have such a thought out and organised hiring process

So let us know about how these giants pick the top tier talents from the sea of applications that flow in to their offices. 

Google is one company that receives a huge influx of over a million applications every year.  It was once known for asking riddles or brainteaser sort of questions to its candidates. They soon learnt that the method wasn’t efficient enough to judge the ability of a candidate. Soon their rectified the method and now use evaluation tests as well as structured interview questions for doing the same. The process for hiring engineers includes involving engineers from different departments in the hiring process so as to include variety of employees besides maintaining high hiring standards. 

Tesla has also joined the league of face book and google recently and is known for its challenging interviews. Though the hiring process is not similar to what tech companies of the silicon-valley generally follow. Many a times their interview rounds include presentation to the hiring team about their previous projects and taking questions from the team followed by one on one interviews pertaining to the role. 

Tesla is known to be quite upfront while hiring and is even to tell the candidates that they need a lot of people who want to be a part of Tesla and hence everyone has to make their point for why Tesla should hire them instead of anyone else. They further add that if they are really up for the challenge they should know that no one can come any near to them if they were hired.  Even though it sounds harsh, TESLA employees do say that their voices and ideas do matter hence their hiring process does make sense. 

Facebook follows a standard but thorough process of hiring though their main focus is diversity in working experience. It is also known for the campus tour it provides to all its candidates just to make them feel comfortable at the vicinity.  First the candidates go through an on call interview with the hiring team and potential team members. Later on there is a series of in person interviews and campus tour. 

They also have a four point scale based internal feedback form for the hiring team. The team is asked to give a yes or no feedback on whether the person should be hired or not and even rate their level of confidence on a four point scale. The can view other team members feedback once submitted. The final decision is around hiring is undertaken by the hiring committee that includes the hiring manager as well as the directors after visiting the reviews of the hiring team and considering factors like compensation and more. 

Choosing the right people can helps an organisation bloom to its fullest and the above mentioned organisations are a befitting example of the same.  Undoubtedly, their efficient hiring process is what works for getting them the best out of the rest. 

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Hiring Tips from Amazon Head Honcho, Billionaire Jeff Bezos

Well, you and I know him and the world knows him as the richest man in the world. Ah! it’s Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and the wealthiest person alive as per the recent list of Forbes.  While, the self-made billionaire, Bezos is the torch bearer of the giant organization Amazon, it’s his team that is working behind the scenes to keep the business going great guns. For those who aren’t aware about Jeff Bezos much, here’s some information about him. Jeff Bezos was doing a job at Wall Street before he quit in 1993 to establish a startup called Amazon that was primarily into selling books online, almost two and a half decades back. 

Considering the tremendous growth this company managed to achieve, you would certainly be keen to explore the hiring strategy of Bezos, all because undoubtedly an organization is driven by its people as much but its leader. Here’s a sneak peek in Bezos ways of hiring at Amazon - 

Efficient Hiring process not Necessary – As per Bezos, only the best be hired no matter how much it takes. He says he’d better screen out 50 candidates and not hire a single one, if not found best suit. It’s more the vision because on a long term that employee would not be much of a help to the company and the company would end up at square one again. In short, a bad decision in hiring can cost a lot more to the company than the cost of a hiring procedure.

Raise the Bar with every Hire – When Amazon was a Startup, Jeff used to take candidates through tough interview rounds. Eventually it expanded and now it’s the hiring managers who conduct the interviews. Yet, the modus operandi is based on Jeff’s vision around hiring people of the kind who made Amazon what it is today.

He only asks them three questions.

Will you be able to admire the candidate?
The idea is simple, hire the best and leave the rest. If you truly admire the skills, take him/her in.

Will this candidate be capable enough to raise the bar of the organizations level of effectiveness?
Amazons philosophy for hiring is, build to last. Bezos wants his hiring managers to hire people who are capable of working in teams and enhancing each other’s performances.

In what dimension might the candidate show a superstar performance?
As per Bezos, the best candidates should take positions that can bring the best out of them for the betterment of the organization. There are candidates that apply for a certain role but are more  or rather best suitable for some other position. Well, the hiring managers need to have that acumen. 

Hiring is not one man’s Decision – As per an ex-employee, Bezos believed that hiring was not only a team effort but a team decision as well. Hence, multiple people conducted the interviews and then met up for discussion and finalization of the same. Each one had to vote as well. Even if one of the team members said no, it meant rejection of that candidate and search for a new one.

Well, it’s commendable that Amazon stayed afloat, managing to survive the influx of dotcoms in the early 2000s and grow into a mammoth brand that it is today and yes, its people are major stake holders of the golden harvest its reaping today.

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Unemployment Rate at Peak in India - Report

A recent report released by the Centre for sustainable employment has revealed that employment India today is at its peak considering the statistics of the past 20 years. There is not only a shortage of jobs but the wages are also depressed. The state of working India 2018 (SWI) report says that unemployment in India in youth stands at a staggering 16%, viz. highest in the past 20 years.

The report that is written by a group of journalists, researchers, civic society activists and policy makers has also highlighted the fact that the rise in GDP of the country hasn’t affected or caused any increase in employment. The increase ratios is only 1% increase in employment against 10% increase in GDP. 
Earlier, the problem was a bit different. India had the problem of underemployment as well as low wages.  But the recent reports reveal that its unemployment big time that has cropped up to a staggering five percent. The economy looking good either with petrol prices touching the 100 rupees mark and the rupee losing its weight against the dollar and crossing the rupees 70 mark. Additionally education over the past decade has got its dues and as the school admission rates have increased but the job market hasn’t got any spurt as such. Even the quality of education before and now has changed drastically and rather negatively. It is a serious issue and needs to be looked into. 

A study around the employment scenario highlights the fact that growth and employment relationship has gone weak over the period of years. It also focuses on the low earnings. As per a report of 2015, 67% of Indian household had an income of around 10K. Comparatively as per the 7th Pay commission, the minimum salary recommended comes to 18K. This means that it’s below standard. Also, in unorganized sectors 90% industries pay wages below the minimum CPC. 

Presently the GDP is 7% but employment growth is 1% or less while comparatively in the 1970’s and 1980’s GDP was only 3% but employment growth was 2% per annum. Well, its time India looks into the unemployment issues in India and works out reforms to change the present scenario. 

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Monday, September 17, 2018

All You Need to Know About Turnkey Recruitment Services

Companies, brands, industries and organisations that are a start-up, planning expand their business, launch a new product, division or department or are a M & A practice make use of turnkey recruitment services. These businesses are in dire need of staff in bulk and that too in a limited time span. The hiring service is generally opted to hire middle and higher management levels.  The idea is to utilise the company’s time and resource in the right direction while the Recruitment service provider takes care of the recruitment. A hiring company that offers turnkey recruitment solutions provides 360 degree solutions that include end to end services right from sourcing to on boarding. Turnkey recruitment services have time and resource restrains and hence it’s very important to achieve the mapped targets in time because failing to do so can negatively affect the organisation's long term goals. Therefore, turnkey recruitment service providers even go to the extent of providing initial training and orientation in order to boost the new team’s productivity. 
Turnkey Recruitment Benefits 
Turnkey recruitment service providers can identify top talent in the area with the right expertise and experience and suitability. They can creatively and effectively source as well as recruit the required talent by offering cut to fit services rather than the one size fits all approach. Their benefits include -
  • Ability to recruit at a large scale and at multiple locations
  • Offer flexibility around their services 
  • Eliminate procedures like contractual ones that can burn a hole in the pocket
  • Time, resource and cost saving for the company
  • Big pool or database of candidates
  • Transparency in addressing headcount limitations

Having said that, every company can manage recruitment's on their own but it involves a whole lot of investment in terms of time, resource and money and hassles around the same like advertising, networking, head hunting, interviewing, documentation, training and more. Therefore, having a turnkey recruitment specialist as your extended hiring arm viz. working in partnership with turnkey recruiters based on organisation's needs, structure, work environment and future plans does help streamline the organisations hiring process and save hugely on time, resources and most importantly costs. 

Friday, August 17, 2018

Few Reasons You Need A HR Consultancy To Handle Your Firms Recruitments

An HR consultancy is always a good idea because it helps a business to focus on priority tasks and get out of the hassles of operations and in-house people management.  Whether you are a startup with less than ten employees or you are a growing firm with over fifty employees, it’s always a good idea to have a retained HR consultancy to manage your resource requirements. There are sure shot signs that point out towards its necessity in an organization. Here is a list of some of them.
  1. If you find that you are using a lot of your time in meetings and not implementation of your goals.
  2. If you find that more time is used upon dealing and resolving employee issues than anything else
  3. Your team has a morale drop and seems demotivated
  4. You see your team taking a lot of sick leaves for not very valid reasons but possible due to increased stress
  5. Difficulty sourcing talented professionals that suit your requirements
  6. In-house HR struggles with workforce management due to skillset issues
  7. Your spend on legal advice on complex HR matters is increasing consistently
  8. You spend your weekends and nights in planning more about holding up the business than growing it
  9. You find your talented workforce leaving for taking up jobs with your competitors.
  10. There are issues with customer satisfaction in spite of all your efforts and practices around it.
If you are experiencing such problems over a period of time then it is advisable that you think about opting for a retained HR Consultancy for your business. Here’s how they can help you with your problems –

Retained HR Consultancy does guarantee you exclusivity over other consultancy’s and many of them offer ready packages which include managing the paperwork related to hiring that includes offer letters, employment terms and conditions, Resignation and exit interview documents, to name a few.  There are actively involved in management and retention of talented employees as well proper implementation of health benefits plans, inter-communication within the organization and employees as well as incentive as well as reward programs. With HR consultancy advantage any business can achieve their business goals earlier than usual.  Many HR consultancies also provide human resource planning services like Evaluation, Promotions and Layoff management besides recruitment, hiring, selection, training and development of talented individuals, to name a few.

Well, it is a good idea to have a HR consultancy manage your human resource requirements and assist you in achieving your business goals.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Holistic Approach - Ultimate Strategy to Acquire the Best Talent

The biggest challenge in the talent acquisition marketplace today is competition. Unemployment is at an all time low as the economy is heading northward steadily. Hence, acquiring the best talent requires a proactive approach. There’s also a dire need for brands and companies to focus on retaining talent besides acquiring skills and providing internal resources necessary for hiring top talent.

Well, here’s where many companies fumble. Rather than concentrating on the big picture or having a visionary and holistic approach, companies and brands do not mind sacrificing the brand and its effectiveness in their effort to save on time.  Let's look at few mistakes that brands make when they go talent hunting and how a holistic approach can be the ultimate strategy for acquiring the best talent.

Taking Shortcuts – Brands tend to take shortcuts like mass emailing or spamming to be specific.  To acquire around 10 candidates they mass mail 75 and ruin it all. Comparatively, an approach wherein they mail only 10 out of the 75 candidates personally can work wonders and get optimum output. 

No Upgradation – Many companies and brands are still using run of the mill methods of hiring and show a lot of resistance when it comes to upgrading to new technology or incorporating new strategies or new skills acquisition. Upgradation is a must to meet the hiring needs of today’s times amid competition.

Quantity over Quality – This is again a mistake that many brands, organizations or companies keep making. Concentrating on quality can help in a far better way and looking out for employees that are a culture fit through sources like referrals is a good idea.  Having said that, there is no denying that referrals aren’t always the best idea. For a profitability and culture shift you need to have a more proactive recruiter led or outbound approach. 

One Source Only– If you stick to only one source for all your hiring needs for example linked in, then you’ve already lost the battle. So, go all out and widen your source horizon to get optimum results. 

Over Complicating – Using the latest technology like the artificial intelligence or open web sourcing tools is always a great idea but becoming a slave of it entirely ain’t. Rather than over-complicating, try to make things simple. A little bit of automation is necessary to speed up the tedious tasks so that you can be more productive, is great. The fact always remains that technology is only the vehicle that you drive. Ultimately, whether the ride turns out to be bumpy or smooth irrespective of whether you’re driving a Maruti or a Mercedez, depends only on how the roads are and how you drive. 

Well, to get the most out of the sources you have, try increasing your network of people, join forums, communities to learn and upgrade yourself consistently and last but not the least hiring is all about candidate experience, so focus on that and sail through the hiring rapids with ease. 

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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Top 5 Trends Doing Rounds in the HR Ecosystem

With the changing times, even the HR, a dynamic function in an organization is changing. This is noticeable from the way candidates are hired, trained, rewarded and retained. Here are the top five trends in HR that are fundamentally changing the relationship between the employee and the employer.

Machine advantage – With the advent of advanced technologies, even organizations are doing away with excessive paperwork, stacking, storage work and empowering their employees with new gadgets and tools that help them deliver at speed. Customization has helped better functioning of the HR and one example is now the HR is equipped with an app that asks every individual about even their mood on a particular day. This is how personalized it’s getting with technology.

Going flexible  - Organizations are getting more and more flexible with respect to salary adjustments and structure, workplace flexibility in terms of work from home facility as well as an appraisal.  For example if an employee wants to increase the home rent and adjust the same to some other expense, HR does offer flexibility on the same.  Numerous companies also offer flexible work timings due to the issues with respect to traffic, distance, congestion and more.

People Power – Earlier, employers were having a protective approach towards employees but times are changing and employers are allowing their employees to be their own bosses in a way. Today, employees are given the freedom to decide on how much they can deliver in the given period of time and are eligible for two or even three promotions in a year’s course based on the performance.

Workforce Diversity and Inclusiveness – The best example of inclusiveness is that organizations are accepting female employees with a gap in work due to pregnancy and delivery, back again. Diversity is another major trend where organizations are encouraging a team that includes people from all over the country, castes as well as religion.

Well, we all know that relationship between an employer and employee is not always a cake walk. Even though, the aforementioned trends in HR are a pathway to help organizations attract, acquire and retain as well as inspire best of the talent pool available towards forming a win-win relationship.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

How can Recruitment Process Outsourcing Help Your Business Skyrocket?

The working population of India is over 8 million, so one can easily say that there is no scarcity of workforce by far.  On the flipside, abundance of resource makes sourcing for the right candidate  hassle of sorts. Additionally, research has shown that India today is changing at a fast pace. Catching up to the levels of economic growth is not easy because it has brought about a shortage of skills and talent that are in demand as well as that of need for data and technology. This shortage has compelled business organizations to focus on talent acquisition and work force planning strategies. The reason is simple, it is definitely going to get their business move northward through increased productivity, competitive differentiation, accountability, agility and flexibility as well as compliance advantages, to name a few. Hence, the need for recruitment process outsourcing.

Present day, numerous organizations are already turning to external service providers to meet their recruitment needs due to the immense benefits offered.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

A part of Business Process Outsourcing, recruitment process outsourcing is about transferring your recruitment activities, overall or in part to an external service provider. The service providers offering these services include services like posting jobs, sourcing talent, screening the right candidates, scheduling the interviews, making job offers and managing onboarding, besides services like research, recruitment as well as administrative technologies.  Here’s a scan through some of the major benefits you get if you outsource your recruitment processes.

  • RPO providers are specialists in recruitment and using their services equals to reducing hiring costs.
  • RPO providers are skilled at what they do and can get you the best suit for the position comparatively.
  • They have an access to a mammoth database of talent, static and dynamic and have excellent data mining capabilities.
  • Their solutions are tailored around your business needs and goals as RPO service providers have the right mix of tools required to meet your demands.
  • You have direct accessibility to RPO experts, thought leaders besides market insights and this can help you source the best from the pool.
  • RPO service providers source talent from where they reside, work or socialize with the help of market intelligence.
  • RPO takes over your recruitment processes thus helping you save time and focus on other priorities.

Many of the outsourcing service providers have state of the art sourcing centers and provide pricing packages that suit your requirements.  To rise above the clutter these external service providers are offering holistic solutions that include the usage of various different recruitment tools and advanced analytics as well as keen attention to the Applicant tracking system and more.

Well, Hiring the best talent required is need of the hour for helping businesses flourish and therefore organizations need to look into their acquisition area. Besides, they need to incorporate total talent strategies by collaborating with external service providers that offer total talent solutions.

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Services Offered by Recruitment Outsourcing Consultancy in Bangalore

When recruitment process outsourcing began, it was a very much niche and limited to hiring and the process.  Eventually, to match up with the competition in the market, many providers started adding services that served as differentiators. These days the clientele are looking not just for recruitment or hire but add-ons like application process personalization, candidate engagement and brand building as well, that too as a part of the package.

Furthermore, branding has become an integral part of the RPO delivery model and this is because its helps filter every aspect of the process of recruitment.  Let us look through services that the RPO service providers offer their clients – 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing – RPO involves a gamut of services clubbed into one right from job profiling, sourcing, screening, testing, interviewing, on boarding and orientation using data driven methodologies and technologies. It takes care of complete lifecycle of recruitment 
Temporary / Permanent Staffing/ Contract to Hire  -  The services include providing staffing solutions that vary from temporary, permanent as well as contract to hire where staffing is done through an umbrella employer company.

On site Recruitment Consulting – The service involves bulk recruitment at a particular location to meet urgent workforce requirement.

Outplacement Services – The service helps employees of companies that are looking to lay off its employees with job consultancy services. This service includes career advisory, counselling, training in current job search techniques, helping with resumes and cover letters, to name a few.

Branding and Sourcing Solutions -  This service involves creating positive influences in order to attract, hire and retain the best talent by establishing an emotional connect with them and thereby enhancing their productive capabilities. 

To meet the ever-increasing needs of clientele, even RPO’s are utilizing advanced recruitment technologies that help in brand awareness and engagement as well as digital tools that like video interviewing, mobile based job application facility, feedback and follow up features. Some recruitment agencies partner with their clients and involve brand specialists for highlighting and spreading their brand message across point of contacts of their candidates.