Thursday, August 2, 2018

Top 5 Trends Doing Rounds in the HR Ecosystem

With the changing times, even the HR, a dynamic function in an organization is changing. This is noticeable from the way candidates are hired, trained, rewarded and retained. Here are the top five trends in HR that are fundamentally changing the relationship between the employee and the employer.

Machine advantage – With the advent of advanced technologies, even organizations are doing away with excessive paperwork, stacking, storage work and empowering their employees with new gadgets and tools that help them deliver at speed. Customization has helped better functioning of the HR and one example is now the HR is equipped with an app that asks every individual about even their mood on a particular day. This is how personalized it’s getting with technology.

Going flexible  - Organizations are getting more and more flexible with respect to salary adjustments and structure, workplace flexibility in terms of work from home facility as well as an appraisal.  For example if an employee wants to increase the home rent and adjust the same to some other expense, HR does offer flexibility on the same.  Numerous companies also offer flexible work timings due to the issues with respect to traffic, distance, congestion and more.

People Power – Earlier, employers were having a protective approach towards employees but times are changing and employers are allowing their employees to be their own bosses in a way. Today, employees are given the freedom to decide on how much they can deliver in the given period of time and are eligible for two or even three promotions in a year’s course based on the performance.

Workforce Diversity and Inclusiveness – The best example of inclusiveness is that organizations are accepting female employees with a gap in work due to pregnancy and delivery, back again. Diversity is another major trend where organizations are encouraging a team that includes people from all over the country, castes as well as religion.

Well, we all know that relationship between an employer and employee is not always a cake walk. Even though, the aforementioned trends in HR are a pathway to help organizations attract, acquire and retain as well as inspire best of the talent pool available towards forming a win-win relationship.