Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Recruitment Marketplace – The Scenario Today

Today’s India is different than it used to be before liberalization let to the opening of the business gateway to India for businesses across the world. Present job market is loaded with job opportunities and particularly for the talented ones have umpteen opportunities to choose from. As far as the employers are concerned, there’s competition here too and therefore to get the best fits on board smart and powerful recruitment strategies are needed to be put in place. To work upon these strategies first of all we need to do some ground work and one of them is to get the recruitment marketplace facts right in the first place.
More hirers, less seekers
The business marketplace has abundant opportunities for the talented bunch but the seekers are nowhere to be seen. In a nutshell there are jobs but people wanting to switch are not many. Particularly the talented bunch, are hard to find. If we go by the hiring statistics over 75% employers finding it most challenging to hire talented or quality staff. Additionally the hire time is on the rise. In 2018, it took a month for a hire, was 20% more time compared to 2017.
Beyond Job Descriptions
If you think just a job description is enough for the job to garner the eyeballs of your potential candidate then you need to rethink. You need to give them more, more about your company, organization or brand, more information around your company culture and your products or business before applying for it. Surveys and studies say over 80% look for reviews these days before they apply to the company. Over half of the applicants follow this drill, apparently.
Matter of Choice
Like you are seeking the perfect fit for the job role, they are seeking the perfect place, job role and incentives. Specifically talented professionals get many offers and therefore the choice is more likely theirs than that of employers. So, if you are looking for a talented professional you have to have an edge above the others to get them choose you.
First Come First Serve
The marketplace is hot and the availability is sparse. So, you need to be fast to get the best pick. If you are not there when they are then the others will get the cake, that’s the scenario. So acting at speed is crucial to get the top picks. Hence, professional are looking out for faster ways to screen through the quality professionals so as to not miss the boat.
Well, this only implies that the task for employers is much more exhaustive then it used to be in the earlier times specifically when it’s about acquiring quality talent from the competitive marketplace and hence smart and powerful recruitment strategies are the need of the hour.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Tips On Hiring Your First 10 Employees

Startups are a common in Bangalore and it could be safely called the Startup hub of India. But, building a startup starts with hiring. It is like laying of one of the corner stones of a building, that could decide the safety and age of it. Most of the early hires are around leadership positions and they are ones that could decide the growth direction for your business or organizations. Hence, you need to take due care and be highly meticulous when hiring for a startup and more importantly with your first 10 hires. These first hires are the ones who are probably going to occupy the leadership positions as the company moves northwards. Well, here are a few tips to help you with these crucial hires
  1. Go Slow and Steady - Do not rush in hiring. You need to have profile sketching done from your managers, leadership and founders, job descriptions made and understood before you look into hiring. It also includes networking, checking on referrals and well these task iterating does take a lot of time. Go for recruitment consultants who understand your requirements thoroughly and not companies with half baked knowledge about recruitment.
  1. Psychology study – Apparently, just understanding the motivation of ambitious people looking to get into something new , own it and build it from scratch. When its about a startup success there are only a few people sharing it. So, the first is to get involved on a direct basis and furthermore an opportunity for direct and huge incentive as the sharing is less. Hence, people who are looking out for a good packager might not be really a fit for startups. The more ideal ones would be the ones who are talented with less experience and ready to work towards potential benefits and not current.
  1. Leadership qualities – You have to have the eye to pick the leaders of tomorrow today. Mostly unless your are backed by a hot investor, people are not really interested in joining startups. Therefore, you need to look into talented people who are packed with energy and enthusiasm to make it happen. There needs to be a hunger to do something, to achieve something and the recruiter needs to see it be it you as a company or your recruitment agency.
The other things that you need to be sure is that you and the people you are hiring share the same values and worth ethic. Furthermore, as you are a startup, your hires must be willing to work long hours and be there when you need them.

Having said that keeping the above tips might not get all the check boxes ticked but most of them, definitely.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Looking For A Career In Customer Support – Here Are A Few Tips

If you are a social person customer support is a good career alternative for you. Well, if you still ain’t sure then just read on to find out how a career in customer support could actually be rewarding on a greater level. Here’s how –
Problem Solving – Customers come to support with problems and expectation of those being resolved at the earliest. Working in customer support the biggest or best benefit is that with time you’ll grow into a problem solver. Be it easy or tough issues, you’ll learn to find a way out in calmly.
Learn to be Empathetic – As you need to deal with a variety of different customers in support from the calm and quiet ones to the loud and combative ones, you will over a period develop abilities of staying calm and patient and the knack to solve problems while building rapports with your customers. By passage of time you will evolve into an empathetic person and a problem solver.
Broaden your horizons – Working with customers will help you understand the customer psychology well and you can later on even broaden your working horizons into areas of sales and marketing because of your understanding of the product as well as the customer could help you reach out to them and get the deal closed.
Networking – You will up your networking skills also because as a support you might not have all the answers to questions of customers. To answer those you aren’t really aware of you need to contact other people inside the organization and that’s when you get into networking and enhancing the same over a period of time. This network could help you explore new opportunities of growth and development in your profession.
Well, irrespective of whether you are looking out for a full-fledged career in customer support, it will definitely give you lessons that are valuable on a personal as well as professional level through your life.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Recruiting At Job Fairs – A Yes Or No?

While job fairs are a huge platform to meet candidates looking out for opportunities and find potential employees, it does involve a lot of money. Hence, keeping the convenience of meeting candidate face to face there arises a question whether this move is really useful for the business you are in for that matter.
Depending upon your need is where you choose which job fairs you want to be a part off. For example if your job openings are for middle level personals then visiting campus fairs or fresher fairs does not really make sense. You may opt for a campus fair or a fresher fair only if you are looking for fresher openings.

Like there is a target audience for every product or brand, similarly you need to focus on fairs that have your target audiences. Even fairs apparently need to have themselves a category to represent as far as job fair type is concerned. These factors add a lot to the success of the event as well considering the point of view of event organizers.
Also, when attending an event like a job fair which is up on quality and high skilled candidates, a good idea is to bring along the decision makers and opt for on spot hiring. Also, if you have a stall at the job fair, it’s important to have team members who with excellent communication and selling skills, who are passionate and energetic and can explain the positions to the prospects clearly and alluringly.
At times companies do invest in job fairs but they rarely make optimum use of the opportunity say experts. Even if the space is a small as that of a table, it still could be used to the optimum for the best of your use. Have a great display with the help accessories just to make that little petite area represent your organization smartly.
Well, in a nutshell, job fairs are a yes, if done properly and have targeted footfalls otherwise not.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Questions That Are A Strict No In Job Interviews – A Short Overview

All though job interviews are taken by smart people who have a list of questions to be asked or a test already in place before the interview takes place a good idea is to be aware of certain questions are a strict no as far as job interviews go due to reasons like them falling under the category of being unlawful. Particularly international laws are very stringent compared to India and if you are hiring form the east or while in east, you need to be vary of them because they could land you into a soupy lawsuits that could blow a very big hole into your pocket or even get you behind the bars.
Some of the unlawful questions on the international circuit include the following. Some of them have been asked by many recruiters in their interviews in India. Check the list out -

  1. Are you married
  2. How old are you
  3. Are you gay
  4. Do you plan to have children
  5. When did you complete your graduation
  6. Which country do you belong to
  7. Do you know English. Is it your first Language
  8. What is your birth place
  9. What is your height
  10. Do you have any kind of disabilities
Though, there are many more questions that belong to the list, the aforementioned list is just few of them which are still commonly asked in interviews even though they shouldn’t be. Having said that, for people living in India the laws aren’t that stringent and the recruiters could easily do away with asking these questions. Still, ideally it would be good to know about the questions that are illegal in interviews and abide to not asking them as well to set good recruitment standards for your firm or organization.

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