Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Seeking A Sales Job? Here Are A Few Tips

A sales job is the best option for people who are outgoing, motivated, and result oriented. The entry barrier is low and the potential to earn high is great. Well, the first thing you need to do if you are looking out for a career in sales you need be smart enough to crack the interviews.
Though, a highly challenging and target oriented area, sales provides a lot of benefits as well. Primarily, as the approach is target oriented, the simple mathematics is that more you sell, the more you earn. Now in a sales job, you don’t have to be stuck to one industry. The opportunities are limitless in this field and you only have to know how to close. Sales also offers huge opportunities to meet and network and for the social this a pro. The career is exciting without surprises in store to a large extent. You know about the targets you have to achieve and also what to do to achieve them. Luck does play some part but that’s for everyone ain’t it?

Target oriented job does bring along high stress levels also in case you are not able to meet the requirements or are running out to time. Again, this is not because of an individual’s talent, it could be that some companies just can’t succeed due to reasons like high pricing, better competitors or lack of interest from the buyer due to any reason known to the buyers.
This only highlights the point that while looking out for a sales job, the need to research the details about the company becomes very important. A few other points you need to keep into mind if you think you are the made to sell, are as follows –
Sales requires hard work not just smart work. This is one job where you need to do it every day, look for potential clients and try to close them as well. Another vital point is to be wary of the customer’s needs. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and find out what is that the customer is looking out for and in what budget. The objective doesn’t have to be only to get the customer’s money. Selling hard is okay, but equally important is selling right. Ethics and morals will take you a long way in this profession and will gain you loyal customers and help you gain more through word of mouth as well.
Well, when you are starting your career in sales, finding the right job also matters. As mentioned before at times it’s not about the capabilities of the individual but products/services of some companies just don’t sell. Hence, it is advisable that you target companies that are successful. Do research about the company, its competitors and target audience before you go for an interview. Last but not the least, look for a work area of your interest. If it interest you is when you can excel.
Well, working in sales can be taxing but stay motivated but reminding yourself about the pros of it, that’s when you can succeed in sales.

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Monday, August 12, 2019

How To Find The Right Culture Fit For Your Organization

Hiring the apt candidate is like fishing out a pearl from the ocean. You have the task of choosing that one candidate who suits the culture of the organization perfectly in comparison to all others. But, finding that one isn’t a cake walk. Asking smart questions and candidates answering them smartly is not that difficult unless the questions revolve around finding a misfit for the organization.
Even the meaning of culture fit is at times conveniently interpreted as in someone who has the same background as others in the organization. This kind of approach could leave scope for inclination to a particular candidate during assessment.
At times, with an objective of asking appropriate questions the recruiters try to dig in the internet for popular questions around the topic. Even though these questions are good to ask, they apparently don’t get you near to the answers rather information you want to know about the particular candidate.  
To pick the right fit for the candidate you need to identify if the candidates does have the values that your company also believes in and how they can blend it into the work they are going to do in your organization. Hence, taking help of internet would not help. To ask relevant questions that help you pick the right candidate for your organization, you have to understand not only the values of your company and try to rephrase the questions for the candidate in order to get answers that help. Also, another point that you need to take into account is that at times candidates are not able to use the proper words or phrases to convey what they feel exactly.
Ask them questions about problem solving done by them for the organization they have been working with or have worked with and how they instilled their values into their work habits. It’s apparently not just about relevant qualification of the candidate and even if you have a team from various departments to pop questions around the culture is absolutely alright.
Well, today most recruiters do consider culture fit as a vital criteria for hiring a candidate and that it only add-on towards adding the most desirable and valuable asset to the organization.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

How To Write Rejection Letters To Candidates

Rejection as it is not easy to digest and hence, many companies abstain from sending rejection letters. But, as far as candidates are concerned, they do wait to get a reply from the recruiter they apply to and are excited about. Many times recruiters feel awkward kind of to let the candidates or applicants know about their rejection in passing through the recruitment process. But, many surveys have already brought this fact forward that candidates do expect the employers to reply back even if it is a no.
Apparently, not replying to a candidate might just affect the brand value of a company service or brand. So, how to go about it and convey that no in a way that the message goes across and your brand value is also untouched. Here are few types of rejection letters that you might choose to send to the candidates or applicants you have decided to say no.
  1. Short and simple – This sort of letter is crisp and clear with a simple message letting the candidate know that they are not selected and that ther’es always a next time. The letter though direct and blunt, needs to be drafted in a way that the candidate does not feel offended and takes it as a genuine response. This letter is common for all the applications.
  2. Personalized - Personlized messages bear the name of the candidate and does convey the exact reason behind not hiring them thus helping them work on that area and grow. It is not a letter that criticizes or discriminates but highlights what you wanted your candidate to have. For example if you are hiring a candidate with experience in a particular area, and a candidate was rejected because he/ she does not have that, you may put it across stating that you were looking for a candidate with experience in so an so area.
  3. Lengthy - At times short letters don’t go well, so an expansive letter works better particularly when the interviews are conducted on video call or phone. These letters need to have a line of appreciation for the candidate for taking their time out for the same other than putting the rejection message across.

Here are a few tips to consider why drafting that rejection letter. Primarily, rejection letters should be sent only after the selected candidate accepts the offer. Do mention about future possibilities in store with the organization. Do praise for the qualities worth consideration and don’t extend the conversation further. All these tips could help you communicate with the candidate about their rejection in a way that is not offensive and maintains your brands value too.

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Monday, June 24, 2019

How Global Companies Are Providing Work From Home Opportunities To Work From Anywhere In The World

Work from home is not a new in India or anywhere in the world. You do get many opportunities to work from home these days. But, it’s usually within the city, state or at the most within the country. What many of us aren’t really aware is that there are many global companies that do hire from outside the country as well. So, if you are for example based in India, you could be working for a country in the USA from your home in India. Though there are other countries also which offer work from home opportunities across geographical borders, USA does top the list of them all. As far as the pay scale is concerned, it does vary a lot. Let’s have a sneak peek into five of the global companies that do hire from worldwide.

  1. CCI Call Center International 500
A global call center outsourcing company, it hires people from across the world having fluency in different languages, hence from across the world.
  1. Brain Mass
This online opportunity is for Master’s degree and Ph. D degree holders as it is into online tutoring. It hires from around the world but pays in Canadian dollars. The company pays a certain percentage for answering questions around a particular subject.
  1. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk
Based out of US, Amazon’s Mechanical Turk hires people from across the world including India and is into (HITs) Human intelligence Tasks. Also, known as one of original micro job sites, it pays a set of fee to people who work to complete set of these tasks. The payment is done in US dollar, Amazon gift certificates and even in Indian Rupees based on the location.
  1. Accutran Global
The company is into transcription and hires part time typists on contract to transcribe meetings, interviews, conference calls and more for finance business work. The company pays under around $ .005 to .006 per word for the work, which in-fact is quite lucrative, if you’re based out of India and working for them online.
  1. Covance
This is one organization which has a wide spanning network of over 10,000 employees spread across over 25 countries working from home. It is a research organization into biopharmaceutical contracts. The only catch is that the work does involve 65% of travel across particular locations like Europe, Canada and USA.
The aforementioned organizations are just a random few while the list is quite long and is every increasing as technology is eliminating the geographical barriers and working across borders is becoming common day by day.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Business Benefits Of Hiring Remote Staff

The world is far becoming a global village now with the internet as its key driver. Work from home is also a perk that many companies offer to their employees, on once in a while basis. But, as the winds of change are blowing, they are bringing along the concept of remote hiring. Though, it’s a topic for debate where people to talk about working at a centralized space for optimum production and collaboration.
A recent prediction report of hiring managers suggests that over 35% of the staff hence forth is going to be remote and the cherry on the cake seems to be the reference of the World Economic Forum about remote working. It says that remote hiring is going to be “one of the biggest drivers of transformation of business models”. No wonder, this mode of hiring is gaining pace already as companies are getting to understand the pros of it.
Let us run down some of the benefits of remote hiring of staff

Wider Reach for Talent – Hiring managers and recruiters are well aware of the fact that location does matter when it comes to hiring. So, many a times it’s possible to miss out on talented professionals due to the location limitation. With remote hiring you can look into a wider pool of talent because the location does not remain a constraint hence giving you a wider pool of talent to dive into.
Productivity Upsurge – Obviously, when employees get the convenience of working from home, it does affect their output in a positive way. The time that goes into commuting, particularly in metro cities does affect negatively. Being in the comfort zone provides for more flexibility and for women particularly with infants or school goers it does prove a boon of sorts, if managed well.
Rise in Retention – The pros as compared to cons are much more and therefore the retention graph for remote working does point northward. The pros include working from anywhere and many a times even flexibility in timings. It save a lot of time and stress that goes into commuting as well as money needed as well. The quality of life also is improved as a result and it does affect retention in a positive way.
Furthermore, even the organization branding gets a thumbs-up because it does portray the company in good light as one that trusts and values its work force.

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