Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Hiring Tips from Amazon Head Honcho, Billionaire Jeff Bezos

Well, you and I know him and the world knows him as the richest man in the world. Ah! it’s Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and the wealthiest person alive as per the recent list of Forbes.  While, the self-made billionaire, Bezos is the torch bearer of the giant organization Amazon, it’s his team that is working behind the scenes to keep the business going great guns. For those who aren’t aware about Jeff Bezos much, here’s some information about him. Jeff Bezos was doing a job at Wall Street before he quit in 1993 to establish a startup called Amazon that was primarily into selling books online, almost two and a half decades back. 

Considering the tremendous growth this company managed to achieve, you would certainly be keen to explore the hiring strategy of Bezos, all because undoubtedly an organization is driven by its people as much but its leader. Here’s a sneak peek in Bezos ways of hiring at Amazon - 

Efficient Hiring process not Necessary – As per Bezos, only the best be hired no matter how much it takes. He says he’d better screen out 50 candidates and not hire a single one, if not found best suit. It’s more the vision because on a long term that employee would not be much of a help to the company and the company would end up at square one again. In short, a bad decision in hiring can cost a lot more to the company than the cost of a hiring procedure.

Raise the Bar with every Hire – When Amazon was a Startup, Jeff used to take candidates through tough interview rounds. Eventually it expanded and now it’s the hiring managers who conduct the interviews. Yet, the modus operandi is based on Jeff’s vision around hiring people of the kind who made Amazon what it is today.

He only asks them three questions.

Will you be able to admire the candidate?
The idea is simple, hire the best and leave the rest. If you truly admire the skills, take him/her in.

Will this candidate be capable enough to raise the bar of the organizations level of effectiveness?
Amazons philosophy for hiring is, build to last. Bezos wants his hiring managers to hire people who are capable of working in teams and enhancing each other’s performances.

In what dimension might the candidate show a superstar performance?
As per Bezos, the best candidates should take positions that can bring the best out of them for the betterment of the organization. There are candidates that apply for a certain role but are more  or rather best suitable for some other position. Well, the hiring managers need to have that acumen. 

Hiring is not one man’s Decision – As per an ex-employee, Bezos believed that hiring was not only a team effort but a team decision as well. Hence, multiple people conducted the interviews and then met up for discussion and finalization of the same. Each one had to vote as well. Even if one of the team members said no, it meant rejection of that candidate and search for a new one.

Well, it’s commendable that Amazon stayed afloat, managing to survive the influx of dotcoms in the early 2000s and grow into a mammoth brand that it is today and yes, its people are major stake holders of the golden harvest its reaping today.

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