Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Job Openings for Engagement Manager in Bangalore

  • Should have good communication skills (both written and oral) and interpersonal skills
  • Should have experience in Pre Sales
  • Should have experience in Indian Market as well as Internation Market
  • Should have IT Solution Experience

Key Responsibilities
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction & Stickiness so that we can increase Average Yearly revenues from Each Customer and also create drag revenues for subsequent years growth Improve Customer Satisfaction (A satisfied customer is the best salesperson.
  • Opportunities arising via references have better closure rates)
  • Become a Trusted Productivity Advisor to the client
  • Ensure customer is using our product and can provide drag revenue in subsequent years
  • Increase the Average per year revenue from every Customer Improve the customers' lock-in / Stickiness to Company Create Entry Barrier for Competition)
  • Create a feel good factor about Company (Not just a product company but getting into end-to-end productivity improvement)
  • Propagate messaging of Whats' New in Company and how is it relevant to each of the customer
  • Become Eyes and Ears of the company and help with roadmap
  • Deep engagement with clients' technical and management team
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Renewal of AMC
  • Customer Case Study
  • Start the relationship with the objective of becoming Trusted Advisor to the client
  • Work closely with the customer to ensure that first process is on-boarded smoothly and becomes a reference within clients' organization
  • During the process as and when Gaps are identified, try to position our services (training, consulting, )
  • Should connect-up with every customer atleast once every month (More connect-points during the first 3 months)
  • Once a sales opportunity is identified, will hand-over the same to the concerned sales account manager
  • Create multiple connect points within the Organization (avoid high dependency on single connect point)
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