Thursday, May 30, 2019

A Job Description Needs To Convey The Company’s Culture As Well

Obviously, the job description needs to have the description of the role or profile in order to get it across your target audiences and attract eye balls that have the needed skills as well as experience. But, a point that is vital while screening candidates is whether they are fit to your company’s culture or not.
Many a times company’s take up this topic during personal interviews or screenings. But, the idea of highlighting your company’s culture in the description itself can actually work well with getting leads of the kind, who want to work in your firm.

If you highlight the culture of your company in your description itself after outlining the details of the description. A solid job descriptions needs to have the components like title, role objective, experience, benefits, compensation and location primarily. Here’s a run-down all the inclusions of a Job description in a way that gives an idea of the culture as well
Role Objectives – The role objective includes the objectives that the hired candidate would need to achieve. It is a vital statement clearly stating about what result is expected overall. Herein, the organization can share company’s vision as well as mission and what kind of experience are you looking for your customers. Obviously, this would cover how the potential employee would bring value to it.
Responsibilities – This include the daily responsibilities under the role with context to the role objectives as well as some additional or exclusive tasks. Even alongside the responsibilities you may throw a bit of light on how a typical day at the workstation would look like so that the potential employee gets a hang of it. This could include the team as well as the activities that would be carried out in collaboration. There are companies who actually convey the daily schedule so as to give the candidates an idea of how their workdays looks like.
Experience – If the designation requires experience then it needs to be there in the job description. But, rather than just including the number of years of experience, putting in the qualities of leadership your organization is looking for.
Advantage - Mentioning your employment benefits is always a good idea even though they don’t differ on a company to company basis. Here is when you can jot down the information around the company culture like flexible work timings, meals, pick up and drop, study while on board to name a few.
Well, if you give an idea of the culture of your company alongside your job description, the potential candidate will get a fair idea of how it would be to work with the company and in reality you could reach out to genuinely interested candidates.

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